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The EarthKare Kup™

An innovative hot and cold disposable beverage container that will replace today’s standard beverage cup and lid combination with a single integrated container and patented hinged lid. Click here to see the video.


We are currently developing the EarthKare Karton™  and the EarkKare Kontainer™ using the patented living hinge and revolutionary design.

EarthKare™ - New packaging for a greener planet.

EarthKare™ is committed to designing and developing innovative packaging solutions that are both economical and environmentally friendly.  The EarthKare Kup™ was inspired first by a need for a practical solution to the current cup and lid combination's shortcomings.  Anyone who has used them know that leaks and spills happen with regularity. The EarthKare Kup™ not only passes standard cup tests for lid fit, shake test and tilt test but can actually be turned upside down without leaking.

In the current environment the need to reduce waste, encourage reuse and recyclability began to factor in to the choice of manufacturing materials used to produce the EarthKare Kup™. The same mix of inspired practical needs and ecologically thought out solutions will apply to all EarthKare innovative packaging solutions.

We look forward to servicing your packaging needs.  

92% Choose the EarthKare Kup™!

We recently launched a test of the Earth Kare Kup™ at three separate BlackHorse Expresso & Bakery shops in San Luis Obispo, California. Customers were surveyed and test results indicated 92% would choose the EarthKare Kup™ over the standard disposable cup and lid combination for both hot or cold beverages. The EarthKare Kup™ can be reused up to five times.

A Brief History of the Disposable Cup