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About Us

Who are we?

EarthKare™ is comprised of a team of experienced professionals from industries across the business spectrum…entertainment, aerospace, medicine, food service, and international law…who have one thing in common: A passion for our planet, and a commitment to help others become as EarthKaring as we are.

How will we do that?

By teaming with like-minded manufacturing partners, EarthKare™ supplies innovative and economically-priced biodegradable and compostable packaging products manufactured from sustainable materials. EarthKare’s™ line of hot and cold beverage cups, soup cups, clear deli containers and cutlery will easily replace commonly-used yet environmentally harmful petroleum-based products.
Our goal is to supply 100% biodegradable and compostable food service ware, food packaging, utensils and other products that perform as well or better than conventional petroleum-based versions. We specialize in products manufactured from renewable resources, to enable businesses to promote sustainability and create a healthier environment for everyone. And, since we are all from the world of business, our products are cost-competitive. Our commitment to “green” applies not only to the environment, but also to your business’ bottom line.

Why would we do that?

Because we are EarthKaring, and hope you want to be EarthKaring too.
Progress in bio-technology has made it possible to use natural starches and minerals as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics. Sugar cane, corn, bamboo, wheat, limestone, and other sustainable, natural materials can be used instead of toxic and expensive petroleum-based plastics. EarthKare™ wants to make innovative, safe and environmentally friendly packaging products widely available.

EarthKare™ - New packaging for a greener planet.

Need Assistance
You can send us a message from the Contact page or call (818) 497-8613 during normal business hours.
For shopping related questions try our Customer Care page.
Where do we go next?
Is there a specific packaging product that you would like to see developed? Send us your ideas. EarthKare™ is committed to being an innovative leader, and we would like to hear from you.
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