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Posted in: Miscellaneous April 28, 2010
Get Ready…Get Set…

For those of you who have ever launched a new business enterprise, prepare to start nodding your head in agreement with me here. For those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend it: There’s nothing like the charge of constant adrenaline that comes from something like this.
EarthKare has been “in the making” for over 3 years. It takes a long time to get innovative packaging ideas designed, patented, and prototypes built. Then, when you have the commitment to offering the best product for the life of the planet, there’s constant research on who is making the best bio-resin for a particular ....

What it means to be

Caring for the earth takes a special intention that we call “EarthKaring”.

This is our open invitation for everyone to join us.

Take a moment. Become EarthKaring.
Feel good about the environment.

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Where do we go next?
Is there a specific packaging product that you would like to see developed? Send us your ideas. EarthKare™ is committed to being an innovative leader, and we would like to hear from you.
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